Since it was commissioned in 1993, the cardiothoracic surgery directorate at The James Cook University Hospital has continuously monitored clinical performance, both in collaboration with the Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, as well as through internal trust clinical governance procedures.

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This work involves clinical audit, monitoring routinely collected hospital statistics and utilising specialist clinical databases. The division of cardiothoracic services has its own governance team, dedicated to constantly monitoring clinical outcomes and validating the data used for such monitoring.

The unit is at the forefront of publishing individual surgeon outcomes. Our processes of data collection, validation, analysis and governance were externally reviewed under the auspices of the SCTS, CCAD, and the Healthcare Commission when Andrew was Clinical Director of the unit. The full report concluded by stating that “…this is an absolutely outstanding cardiac surgical audit programme which reflects the energy, enthusiasm, and innovation of a synergistic and forward-looking team. The visitors were particularly impressed by the importance placed on the accuracy and validation of data.”

National cardiac surgery outcomes are currently monitored by the National Adult Cardiac Surgery Audit. The data is analysed to take account of the risk profile of the surgery undertaken by individual surgeons and presented on the SCTS website here

Details of Andrew’s practice and outcomes can be found here, his mortality rates are consistently within or lower than predicted values. 

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